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I’ am George Harrington, a portrait photographer

I feel blessed to be the one behind the camera and see myself more as an art director. I have pride in how your portrait’s final artwork comes to completion.


I’d been involved in creative arts in some sense or another from my preteens. Where I did a large sculptured relief map in elementary school of South America, winning one of the top positions entered into a Seattle worlds fair exhibition. In my teens I was trading murals and art at record stores and speciality shops for albums and merchandise.


The camera intrigued me, I held a desire in wanting to learn it, cheap over the counter cameras were my introduction. As a designated picture taker for friends and family I knew there was so much more to explore.


I’d always had a love of history, folklore, art and the old word painters. A style that holds my attention is the classic to fine arts portraits. Inspired by artworks, that still holds up for hundreds of years to present day.


I love taking the time to get to know a person, their likeness and personality that will be photographed. To capture a person’s self and bringing out their story. Turning it into handmade wall portraits, for the discerning client and their cherished loved ones. Portraits are made with archival materials and inks by the highest regarded labs in the country, lasting over several lifetimes.


Type of Sessions I Do        

Toddlers to School age children



H S Seniors 


Business head shots

Portraits with pets and other interests

How to Get Things Started?

After reviewing my style and deciding this is what you would like to have done. To proudly pass on to your future generations.


Contact me and I will help you get the ball rolling. We’ll set up a time to get together at the studio, park or a coffee shop or a place of your convenience. Where we get to know bit about each other, learning your likes and dislikes. We’ll look at clothing options such as style, material, props if any, color theory and themes. How you are wanting to display your art work and where? How many will be included?

Once you reach a level of comfortable we will set up a session with the date and time.

Session Retainer is $295.

Retainer is to be paid in full before the booking date and time and it is only for the studio session. A session is a designated date of your special day, a day that everything is about you and how you are celebrated and portrayed. It comes down to the moments everything lines up for your portrait.

(the retainer does not include images, prints or other products. Any cancellations, are treated as a postponement to another date available and is Not Refundable) There may be several moving parts that comes together to put a session with a superior quality. Others besides myself with an expertise are at times involved in making your photo taking day, a successful portrait.  

After the session I edit your images and turn them into a piece of art where you will be proud to hang on display.

Next the Reveal

When you come in to see your final edited art work. It’s also a good time to make the decision in what you admire the most and want to purchase. Ordering only what you want. A $100 of your retainer can be applied toward a print of 11 x 14 or larger.

At last Your Order

This is where you may come in to receive your finished portraits. Delivery options may also be available.


Studios are located in Kennewick, Washington. The Southridge area and a downtown location. Sessions are from Monday to Friday 10 to 4:30.