Do you do your own prints? - Your artistic wall portraits are mounted on durable backing. Printed on the highest quality of archival paper and inks available with beautiful choices of textures. Done by the top print makers in the US that adhere to the highest quality and craftmanship. Adding longevity of your portraits, possibly a couple hundred years of long life and pride to your family descendants.

Do you offer Packages? - I offer the "A la carte" method is where you only order what you want and how many. I do offer other products of your session that includes other images.

Can I have other prints made later? - Absolutely you can as many as you would like on any sizes available. Other products are available also.

Digital images I am a Wall Art Portrait Photographer to the discerning customer that expects the best, I do release a limited digital artwork of the ones that had been purchased as prints to show off to your friends and family. 

What else do you offer? - Exquisite Folio Boxes holding several mounted prints of the session suitable for display or framed. Also canvas wraps in various sizes are also available often displayed frameless for a clean look.

When do I pay for the session fee? - As soon as you want to lock in and secure your date and time of your session. 

Do you travel? - Yes, though there may be an added expense.

What is the turn around time for the end product? - Anywhere from a few days to a week or two depending on a current processing time. My goal is to have a finished Wall Art that meets and passes your expectations.

What if the worst possible thing happens? - I offer a Long Term Storage solution for an event of a worst case scenario happens to your artwork designed and produced by us. Portrait art you've purchased from us is damage or destroyed. We have the means to replace it to a future current availability of materials closest to what you once had. (What was thought before as irreplaceable family portraits are no longer.)