"A Fine Art Portrait is the visual Poetry of the Soul"

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I've had a transfixed appreciation of art from a very young age. As I had gotten older, I'd held a great interest in architectures, sculptures, old world painters and the early photographers. Admired by their ability to shape light and shadow. Placing an arrangement of elements in their telling of a story through art, that's still relevant even to this day.

The principles I've learned I had use in my own artistic endeavors. The camera and lens is the tool of choice for me. Where I've drawn on my love of history, romance, folklore and enchantment.

I'm inspired by what I see and feel, beauty is so abundantly around us. I am compelled to bring those moments out in a portrait. Suitable for any wall in the home where too your likeness will transcend time.

I view each finished portrait as a sacred symphony. Where I am honored by those who are depicted in the frame and those who participated in it's production.. 

I am George Harrington your photographer.