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Our Portraits are made with phenomenal archival textured paper, materials and inks by the highest regarded labs in the country, lasting over several generational lifetimes.

An Investment

In a portrait are a person's/family's heirloom, their legacy. They become treasures that are passed down through the generations. It is most likely one of the first things thought to be looking for in an evacuation during the frantic times of disasters, or hope to recover afterwards. 

Portrait Sessions 

Sessions includes consultation where we discuss details about your day. We will talk about wardrobe styles, colors and other topics, design to stylized portraitures that's uniquely you.

The session it may include if we may need a hair and make-up artist (as an extra option) outfit changes, guided posing, styles and looks.

Day of Your Session

This is your day the date and time we set a side for you on how you want to look in your portrait and where you come into the studio or to an on site location we selected.

Besides wall portraits we also offer other amazing products. Folio boxes, photo books and framing.   

The Reveal


Later is when you get a chance to see your fully edited portraits at what we call the reveal. That's when you come in for the opportunity of ordering only what you want (al' la carte). Digital files are not typically available, only for some situations such as HS seniors and corresponding prints that had been purchases.

Payment Fee


The fee of $160 will need to be paid in full before any session starts and is used to sets-a-side the special day. It is used to lock in a time and date, space and talent. Session possibly lasting an hour or more. Your full session fee may qualify to applied toward a printed portrait size of an 8X10 and larger.

Feel free to Contact me at anytime DM me at 509-303-1706.           

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