What To Wear to Your Portrait Session


Couple Tips

A few tips I hope will be helpful and make you look the best in your portraits. Pick out what you would ware to a important event a nice dinner or to church. Find outfits that would compliment each other not coordinate everyone to look a like, matching is outdated you'll want to be individualized.


Make sure everything is properly cleaned all the way down to the shoes. Make sure everyone is neat and trimmed and make-up is not over done (keep in light.)

Patterns, Jewelry and Textures

It is alright to wear patterns as long as one person is wearing a pattern piece and the rest are in solid color. Everyone wore patterns then the portrait would come to be a distraction. Pull one to three colors from one patterned outfit to create a schemed look for all of the others in the group. Another option is to  have everyone in a muted color and pick out one or two colors as a hint in everyone in the photo. That would be creating an amazing portrait.

No logos/graphics, brands of any kind or bright colors. Jewelry should be light and simple not to draw attention. Textures will add depth to a portrait.  

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