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What To Wear the day of Your Portrait Session


Helpful Tips


Here are a few to make you look the best in your portraits.


Pick out what you would ware to a important event a nice dinner or to church.

If it is more of a casual portrait session. It's best not to have any logos/graphics, brands of any kind or bright colors.


It is alright to wear patterns as long as one person is wearing a pattern piece and the rest are in solid color. Everyone wore patterns then the portrait would come to be a distraction. Pull one to three colors from one patterned outfit to create a schemed look for all of the others in the group. Textures will add depth to a portrait.


Another option is to have everyone in a muted color and pick out one or two colors as a hint in everyone in the photo.


Find outfits that would compliment each other.

Textures will add depth, especially if there will be only one person in the portrait. 

Be sure everything is properly cleaned all the way down to the shoes.


Make sure everyone is neat and trimmed.


Make-up not to be over done (keep in light.)

Jewelry should be light and simple not to draw attention.

Last but not least. Days prior to the special day.

Eat right

Alleviate any stress

And get plenty of sleep.

You can always contact me with any questions.

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